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Masahiko not be pondering the deeper meaning behind him followed by a congregation guards, there are two exquisite and well-behaved maidservants. Authentic Cheapest Louis Vuitton Wallets Online Hot Sale slightly surprised that she open asked: “Jon adults, what happened?” floor Che looked out from the study go late, light frown, to the back of the guards made a gesture, watching the guards away, he went to the door bar side, blocking the line of sight late return, summoned her maid, to take over a cloak draped gently return late in the body, such as water temperature pure voice said: “The body was just … not to make you pay attention to it?” see go out from the house late, beautiful face Pink Fei Fei, introduction of reverie, can not help but bow to kiss look on her face, only to touch her creamy and delicate face, a faint scent came, like being bewitched , the thick gently kissed scattered in late return profile, neck. exciting moment tingling sensation passing through the body, in the final night migraine escape, since Fengqi slope back, Lou Che on many many more such intimate behavior, let her know what to do, the heart a little nervous, peripheral vision glance, noticed two a maid still behind, suddenly a little shame Italy, his face flush. floor light let go late Che, noticed her eyes at, Dan Xiao said: “This is my pick for your maidservants, later serve you daily diet.” normalized nights a frown, heart Dunsheng doubts, she has always been a personal maidservants exquisite one person, Fuchu servants also flocks, and now suddenly two more personal maidservants, she had a strange feeling that there is something vaguely happened, turned his eyes and saw the guards just spread to every corner of the courtyard is clearly strengthened the entire guard, the heart is cast doubt. two maidservants came forward and knelt in front of the normalized night, opening: “I was as clear (eg Ming), met his wife.” They not only consistent action, talk the same, even the tone of voice is always the same, in the final night also secretly amazed, so I do not know much Fuchu trained maid. night does not seem to refuse to go to see this arrangement, Authentic Cheapest Louis Vuitton Wallets Online Hot Sale Lou Che heart set half a from Chodo out, he made a series of preparations to take to protect front of the woman, she seems to always be easily dragged to his heart, affect his mood, and the situation seems to become more serious, he smiled, underground passage, it will be addictive pet do? commanded two maidservants up, go late and turns mind, just think to write a note to the Queen, I think of moving in guarding floor Che Ying Fei, sometimes mixed feelings. Che took floor dining room with a dinner to go late, all the way, in the final evening found Xiangfu guarded than usual to defend indeed many, more certain thoughts, Authentic Cheapest Louis Vuitton Wallets Online Hot Sale it really is something happening, and property inspection Che action, does this It is also in relation to himself, but how to think, can not think what it was, gently shake the two nod, she laughed himself to think too much, now is not the time to dwell in this matter, and now think, that is how to pull a fast one floor Che eyes, to help establish the status of the Queen …… Anqin until midnight, she was still thinking about this problem. During two maidservants really clever and well-behaved, always a little on the penetration, no less exquisite, but do not like the words do not laugh, as people are generally made of wood, some are not used to go late. lying in bed, her thoughts waves, repeatedly thinking crux of the problem, but also consider the future of co-existence of the policy, both to help the queen, they do not cause damage on the firefly Princess, meditation for a long time, still a mess, tan, Are things so cruel, there is no way to co-existence?

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“brother,” returned the voice slightly Jangaard night, staring in front of this plain face, cautioned that “the world is a man’s world, a woman’s harem harem This is not a problem that you can intervene.”
“has always been closely related to the harem and Chodo now firefly Princess arrogance has not arrogant, Cheap Genuine New Louis Vuitton Men Handbags Hot Hot Sale and the Queen’s seat can guarantee how long, a year or two …… or ten years?”
return late, without a word, looked haggard eyes of people, I feel sadness, silence for a long time, still hesitant, in the end how to choose? No matter how the election seem wrong, choose which will regret it, to weaken the forces of firefly Princess, but easier said than done, how will Chol floor? One forming a doubt in my heart, she was forced to panic them.
see her hesitation, I made Wo removed from the sleeve a small piece of paper, spread out on the immediate return late, in the final evening took, glanced over words on paper, stunned and speechless, and that extraordinary graceful handwriting , distinct from the Queen’s hands, literally bright red, is sealed in blood, little one literally reads: Paul Jiangshan, royalist children, husband to defend the country. Pen hook heart, every word emotional, quivering strokes in showing the Queen’s heartache.
mind can not help but emerge out of the Queen Qi Yan smile, she leaned over to kneel in front of their own scenes, she cried request to protect her son and his father’s sadness, she smiled and said to protect the country’s firm, thinking like , the heart also followed up acid, owned by late endless smile,Cheap Genuine New Louis Vuitton Men Handbags Hot Hot SaleĀ  now how can we leave behind in the palace of tears crying sister do?
“This is going Gokokuji ago, the Queen sent Palace, before I put it for a month, a few days ago, finally and from the palace came a piece of paper, you see, later, decide for yourself.” In Normalized pensive night when I made Wo took out the same size as the previous one piece of paper, handed in the past.
even dare to undertake the kind of feeling, a little piece of paper, so heavy, pondered half-rates, go late or took the hand. Expand a look, which is a semi-poem: spring water from the relentless hate, blowing eastward Jingri West.
note the two together, in the final moments later unspeakable, crumpled the paper, I look to the words she Taishou Wo: “Brother you have decided you ……”
did not answer her, I just made Wo given set too looked at her, his eyes a gentle.
time seems quiet for a long time, a long time to go night almost forget where they are, more than six months things relive scenes in my mind, she was seeking answers from the back slope Fengqi month, earning her recuperate , dodged right and wrong, knowing the Queen’s seat to keep her loose a big breath, Cheap Genuine New Louis Vuitton Men Handbags Hot Hot Sale the same time she got several prestigious contemporary strategist, learning at home, trying to learn the art of trickery, do your own subconscious also prepare you for the future?
how would no results, go late to give up to sigh breath, noting that his brother was still waiting for an answer, she launched a smile, since there is no answer, then after slowly finding, may be able to find a best of both worlds.
see her smile out of the shadows, knew she had the answer, I made Wo also relaxed, watching the night come normalized desk, took out a pen, and research from the ink, quite puzzled, stepped forward, looking Normalized nights out of paper, wrote something on top. He was about to join in the front, the paper has been handed in front, in the final night laughing Yingying said: “My brother Before leaving, think of ways to pass the Queen it.”
I took the paper made Wo stunned, a closer look at just two:
Fangfei had to do what need is hate, Natsume Yin Yin is pleasant.

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Crimson figure stood out, bend the stand, clear voice with germplasm transparent feeling, people aroused: “The emperor, so Wei Chen of running this thing.”
jade quite slim body type, temperament perfectly clear, Cheap Real Genuine Louis Vuitton Women Handbags For Hot Sale as if Chodo new Division champion in a fresh wind to see him come out, and everyone comfortable breath, think he is a disciple of building phase, it is not much problem.
floor Che turned around, looking at the right most Xiashou tube Xiuwen, bewildered eyes flashed, re-looked at the boy, and suddenly a strange feeling, he seems never see through this boy, never noticed that he The body is also slightly hidden danger atmosphere.
emperor Commendation was nodded, looked at the boy TALENT, but also feel very satisfied. Head to the left sided, asking floor Che opinion.
floor Che silent nod, half relieved on the hall, the emperor commanded tube Xiuwen immediately deal with the matter and wanted the matter can only find a sitter six, seven similar people to send things have also considered the perfect solution.
today’s North Korea would seem particularly long time, it finally survive, the emperor was gone, everyone will thirty-two dispersed, floor Che was going to Dianwai proudly walked behind her Duan’s voice: “That painting the beauty is really unusual, unparalleled grace, no wonder crossbow family to find someone all the way to Beijing. ”
steps meal, F. Che stop body, tilt over, Moran looked Duan, deep eyes you do not see any emotion.
Duan lengran smile and said: “Do not you think sitter floor moving with extraordinary do? wife a ratio comparable to floor.”
hall there is a little did not go on the officials turned their eyes to bet on them, Lou Che and Duan always substandard, they do not have is a mountain tigers trend, this provocation is excusable Duan .
floor Che indifferent smile, no words, coldly looked Duan a, turned away. Everyone is unknown so faint a little disappointed, I thought they would come here again Enter the Dragon.
Only Duan standing still, look gloomy, moody, will be determined to leave the figure stood floor Che, in his heart, filled with an uneasy feeling, Cheap Real Genuine Louis Vuitton Women Handbags For Hot Sale really feel the floor Che stress, the kind no flaws Wen Runchun wind like smile, let him thrown while creepy, there was a parting glance …… do not have meaning
twenty, Night Cry
late spring, Hui wood lush. Position Geng Jie Jie, mining Fan Qi Qi.
“spring although slow, but they were all coming,” return late faint smile crooning, waving a first turn, looking to come and said, “My brother, what brings you here?”
come with a very ordinary face, and virtually none handsome detached, people can not think of two people on the ride was actually siblings. I made Wo laugh, ordinary face that seems honest and sincere: “I travel before, wanted to see you.”
return late smiled, did not show any surprise, fleeting fundus of lonely, secluded natural asked: “you have to go?”
heard this sad hide his mouth, I made quite surprised Wo, firmly place the two nod, express their determination to continue Youhuan said: “return late ……” behind the words, even could not go, Sad uppermost in his guileless face was particularly profound. Normalized night throwing a person to stay in the capital, he has lots to talk about apologies, but these can not be declared in the mouth.
“I understand,” say anything to stop the other side, in the final night brought a sweet smile and said, “I do not understand is why the election brother Jinyang city.” There obviously is the Queen’s hometown …… do not want to think deeply there’s meaning, because there is a feeling that makes her feel scared.
“…… Queen very difficult situation now, in the final night.” plain word, like a spring thunder in general, floor sound.
frowned, naturalization night light, said: “That does not matter and brother.” heart exclusion of this topic, a long-lost feeling and flawless uppermost.
“how are okay, go late, and you know how bad the situation now.” the thought of his sister missed a day in the palace of his guilt would boundless spreading open face has emerged Niangqin eyes, that never had any love for his mother, on his deathbed, gentle words, he can not forget the moment.
return late pinched lips, not saying a word, I think of Che in the camps and in floor remarks, the heart a little sour taste, Cheap Real Genuine Louis Vuitton Women Handbags For Hot Sale do not want him enemies in politics, he is a terrible enemy, in the emotional on, and his enemies, she is so embarrassed and grief …… suddenly thought of what she asked in amazement: “My brother is how to know the identity of the Queen?”
“Mother died, I knew.” Yu Yan Wo bitter face again.